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Skiing Down New Hampshire’s Gorgeous White Mountains

Skiing is one of the most beloved and popular winter sports in the world. New Hampshire is very fortunate to have some of the finest skiing locations around.  Whether you want to drop more than two thousand feet at Cannon Mountain, or enjoy more than 460 acres of trails and drops at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire offers countless options for seasoned or first time skiers. If you are planning on hitting the slopes, here is some more information regarding skiing in the area that will be helpful for you.

Brief history:

Did you know that skiing dates back as far as 5000 B.C.? Typically, it was used for transportation across deep snow, but it slowly evolved into a much-loved cold weather pastime. New Hampshire was the prime location for skiing enthusiasts from the 1920s up until the 1950s. Its close proximity to Boston and New York City enticed immigrants and other city dwellers that sought a brief escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Because of this, New Hampshire set the precedent for the modern ski resort as it is now known. It was the first to have an aerial tramway, wire-rope ski tows and ski “villages.”

 I’m a beginner.  Is it skiing difficult to learn?

 Skiing takes practice just like everything else, but it is certainly not difficult to learn. Usually the first day is the most challenging.  This is when you will most likely fall often and slowly fix mistakes until your form is correct. Many people find that on the second day skiing becomes much easier, so if you plan on skiing for the first time plan for a two or three day visit.  Here is a link that lists lodging and accommodations for a longer stay: Lodging and Accommodations

 What do I need to ski?

 Skiing requires a decent amount of gear. Owning your own skis, boots, poles, etc. can become expensive quickly. If you intend on skiing every year, it would make sense to invest in skiing gear as you would save money over time. However, if you are skiing for the first time or do not intend on skiing often, renting might be a better option for you. Here is a list of gear that you will need to go skiing:

 -Skis, must suit your size and weight

-Ski Boots, must fit into skis


-Ski Poles


-Duffel bag for your gear

-Helmet (optional)

-Ski lock (optional if you rent a locker)

 If you are interested in purchasing your own gear instead of renting it, here is a link that will guide you: Gear Shop

 In addition to gear, you need to wear clothing that is best suited for skiing. Typically, you should always dress in layers so you can adjust to changing temperatures and your own body heat. Skiing is a full body workout and your body temperature will vary when you move and when you rest. Furthermore, you will most likely get wet so you should pack extra clothing to change into when you are finished careening down the slopes. Here is a basic guide for ski clothing:

 -Ski pants, waterproof and insulated

-Ski jacket, waterproof and insulated with pockets

-Breathable shirt as a base layer

-Turtleneck, sweater or fleece to go over the base layer

-Ski socks, two pairs

-Waterproof gloves, two pairs

-Hat or warm headband

-Lip balm and sunscreen if necessary

 Where are the best places to go skiing in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire has endless options for skiing. Here is a basic list of more popular ski resort choices:


Black Mountain

Bretton Woods

Cannon Mountain


Granite Gorge


Loon Mountain

Mount Sunapee

Pat’s Peak


Tuckerman Ravine (Time for Tuckerman)

Waterville Valley

For a full list of New Hampshire ski resorts, their locations and their highest vertical drops, please check out this link: List of NH Ski Resorts

Is it safe for young children to ski?

Absolutely! It is a great activity for small children.  If it a child’s first time on the slope it is recommended that he or she takes a supervised lesson on the mountain before joining more advanced skiers.

 What is the average cost?

Skiing can range in cost.  Generally, the cost depends on whether or not you already own gear, if you plan on staying overnight, when you go and other factors. You should check out individual resort websites for lift ticket fees, rental fees, lodge/hotel prices, and so on.  As an example, here is a chart showing the rental price for equipment at Mount Sunapee:

SnowboardEquipment Half Day(Noon to Close) Full Day Two-Day
Adult Ski Package $34 $41 $75
Adult Skis Only $28 $33 $61
Junior Ski Package $23 $30 $53
Junior Skis Only $19 $23 $42
Poles Only $6 $8 $8
Boots Only $34 $41 $57

For more information, here is a link to discounted lift tickets at many ski resorts in New Hampshire: Discount Lift Tickets

For any other questions regarding skiing in New Hampshire, please check out this comprehensive webpage: Skiing in New Hampshire